【大學聯招】39,948名考生今日(9日)公佈結果,16,149名獲取八間大學取錄,人數與去年相似。今年有四位7科5**狀元,包括兩人入讀港大醫科、一人入讀中大醫學、一人赴英國劍橋大學攻讀自然科學。各大學紛紛公布取錄數字,其中中大入讀Band A課程的比例為全港最高,港大則招收了102名全港前1%考生,27人獲得「明德學子」獎學金。其他大學取錄人數如下:科大 1,761人、理大 2,161人、城大 1,700人、浸大 1,160人、教大 882人。整體來說,共有16,149名考生獲取學士課程,其中89.7%入讀Band A課程。此外,還有3,692人獲取自資學士學位課程。今年的八間大學取錄數字有所增加。

【JUPAS/ DSE Examination Results/ University Admissions/ Achievement/ Eight Universities】The results of the University Joint Admissions Exercise (JUPAS) were released today (9th). This year, there were 39,948 applicants, and approximately 40%, or 16,149 individuals, were admitted to the eight government-funded universities and metropolitan universities, which is similar to previous years. According to the Examination Authority’s data, there were 7,391 candidates who met the minimum admission threshold of “33222” for local schools, which means that 92.9% of them were admitted through JUPAS. This year’s Diploma of Secondary Education Examination (DSE) produced four “top scorers” with 7 subjects achieving 5**. The University of Hong Kong (HKU) has two of these top scorers, while the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) admitted one, and the other one intends to study abroad as originally planned. Yesterday (8th), a reporter from “Hong Kong 01” interviewed the four top scorers and their respective schools. It was revealed that the “super top scorer” from St. Paul’s College, Gu Bingxin, and the top scorer from Tak Oi School, Cheng Yi-ching, will both pursue medical studies at HKU. Cheng Yi-ching, who had hesitated between staying in Hong Kong or studying abroad on the day the examination results were announced, stated that she planned to practice medicine in Hong Kong in the long run. She believed that studying medicine in Hong Kong would be more suitable as the resources and social networks are better than in foreign countries. Additionally, HKU’s medical program allows students to spend their third year studying for a master’s degree at institutions in the UK, US, or Canada, providing flexibility in their educational path. As for the “super top scorer” from Queen’s College, Law Che-kar, he chose CUHK’s medical program (Global Physician-Leadership Stream). The other “super top scorer” from St. Paul’s College, Lam Chung-wang, opted to study natural sciences at the University of Cambridge in the UK. The universities have successively announced their admission results. CUHK stated that it admitted 3,218 undergraduate students through JUPAS, with 99% of them admitted to Band A courses (first three choices). In terms of scoring 5** or 5* in the best five subjects, CUHK admitted over 50% of the top 100 candidates across Hong Kong, which is the highest percentage among all universities. HKU stated that it admitted many outstanding students through JUPAS, including 7 “first runners-up” who achieved 5** in 6 subjects and 14 “second runners-up” who achieved 5** in 5 subjects. These students will study medicine, international business and global management, dentistry, speech and language pathology, etc. Furthermore, HKU admitted a total of 102 students who are among the top 1% in terms of academic achievement. There are 27 students who achieved an average score of 42 in the best five subjects and were awarded the “Ming Tak Scholar” scholarship. The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) admitted 1,761 candidates, with 99% of them admitted to Band A courses. Among the admitted students, the average score in the best five subjects was grade 5, with global business management being the best performing subject, admitting 20 students. The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) admitted 2,161 students, with over 93% of them enrolled in Band A courses. The program with the highest average score was physiotherapy. City University of Hong Kong (CityU) stated that it admitted 1,700 students through JUPAS, with 90% of them enrolled in Band A courses. In addition, nearly 20 candidates were admitted through flexible admission arrangements. Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) admitted over 1,160 students this year, with over 88% of them listing HKBU programs as their top three choices. The programs with the best average scores were Bachelor of Chinese Medicine and Biomedical Science, admitting 33 students. The Education University of Hong Kong (EdUHK) admitted 882 students through JUPAS, which is comparable to the number admitted last year. Overall, 16,149 students were admitted to the bachelor’s degree programs of the eight universities, with 89.7% of them admitted to Band A courses. Additionally, there were 3,692 candidates admitted to self-financing bachelor’s degree programs, with 78.68% of them admitted to Band A courses. This year, 16,149 individuals (40.43%) were admitted to bachelor’s degree programs at the eight government-funded and metropolitan universities.





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